Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

This strand of graduated Sleeping Beauty turquoise was so beautiful on its own, I hesitated to add anything to it so merely slipped tiny sterling silver balls in between making an interesting pattern but not detracting from the little beauties. This turquoise was also purchased from Szarka.

Showing off Szarka's Turquoise

Here is a chunky turquoise nugget necklace I made that also includes a few nice red coral chunks and some sponge coral rondelles. There are also silver Greek ceramic beads, Bali spacers and a wonderful huge sterling silver starfish from the Hill Tribes. If you're looking for real turquoise from an honest seller (and an all-around nice person), you can't beat can find her ebay auctions and her store, Turquoise Magpie, at . The sponge coral is also from Szarka.